Body products made with the purest ingredients to support your health.



Healing + Repair

When you need a little extra TLC, discover our petroleum-free products to help you heal and feel your best.

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Face + Lips

Shine bright and keep your face and lips moisturized and looking youthful with our organic face and lip products. 

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Hands + Feet

Give your hands and feet a treat with organic and locally made products, sure to give you an extra pep in your step.

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Respect your body with our non-toxic, organic body products.

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Our organic bath products will leave you feeling clean and natural.

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Explore our products that are pure and made especially for the outdoors.

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A little about


The first step in becoming NUTRESSANT was the discovery that soap was made from petroleum.  This was immediately followed with the knowledge that all personal body products are also petroleum based and made using a variety of chemicals.  It took no time to realize the impact these ingredients have on both our bodies and our planet.  We can be tolerant of chemicals we chose to use for ourselves but the planet belongs to the next generations, and it’s imperative we become conscious of all the decisions we make regarding both our food and other products we use on a daily basis. I strive to make products using ingredients that are sustainable and affect both our health and the planet positively. 

As these products develop, it becomes obvious how much more effective they are without the petroleum and chemicals.  Soaps clean better, moisturizers are absorbed and leave skin looking fresh, healing products produce healthy skin, and personal products like the deodorant and toothpaste work without compromising your health. 

Ingredients in each product have been formulated for the specific characteristics they contribute.  Let us help you find the products that will most benefit your needs. 

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