Facial Toner


The facial toner helps keep pores clean and your face moisturized and protected.

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facial toner nutressant

TONER contributes to keeping pores clean.  This organic facial toner is formulated to restore your skin to the proper pH so it is resistant to bacteria and locks in moisture. It also prevents your pores from absorbing dirt and make-up.  Use immediately after cleaning and before moisturizing and enjoy the fresh clean scent as you spritz. 

2 oz: 6.50
4 oz: 12.00
6 oz: 16.00
8 oz Refill: 20.00

Ingredients:  RO water*, rosewater, witch hazel,  Organic rosehip seed oil, ylangylang, lavender, sweet organic and neroli essential oils

*RO water? All products are made using water that is filtered by Reverse Osmosis

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2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz Refill


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