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These all-organic, natural lip balms will leave your lips feeling moisturized and healthy.

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As you can see, we think you should have choices. But, what they all have in common, whether the main oil is coconut, babassu or castor, is that these lip balms will be organic.  This stuff is soaking in your lips and we like pure ingredients. 

Also, they will always have Vitamin E and Argan oil to soothe, heal and protect.  You have a choice between Beeswax or Candelillia wax, which is plant based for the vegans.  So find a scent that excites you and say Good Bye to dry lips forever… parabens in these guys!

Ginger/Lime   5.00

Lemon/Vanilla    5.00

Citrus          5.00

Ingredients:  Beeswax or Candelillia wax, Organic coconut, babassu or castor oils, Vitamin E, Argan oil and various essential oils…….that’s it! 

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Ginger/Lime, Lemon/Vanilla, Citrus


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