The toothpaste is fluoride-free and formulated to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

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fluoride free toothpaste nutressant

Toothpaste that actually leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh!

SEA SALT is loaded with nutrients that promote healthy gums and protect against tarter and bad breath. High in iodine, sea salt has antibacterial properties and helps neutralize acids in the mouth. 

BAKING SODA has long been praised as the natural way to whiten teeth.  It’s gritty enough to clean your teeth of tartar and plaque without being so abrasive that it wears away tooth enamel.  It is highly alkaline, and as such counteracts acids in the mouth that cause tooth decay.  No more scuzzy build-up throughout the day and you will wake in the morning with fresh breath. 

CLOVE BUD OIL is in many dental products as it’s soothing on both teeth and gums.  For those who love everything mint, we also have some with  spearmint essential oil added to the clove…….you won’t even know the clove is there:)

XYLITOL is a plant based cavity fighter and takes the stickiness out of plaque.   All the toothpaste is free of fluoride, triclosan, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

3 oz clove    3.50

6 oz clove     7.00

3 oz spearmint   3.50

6 oz spearmint     7.00


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