Deodorant Jars


Deodorant in a jar might sound funny, but it’s incredibly economical and effective! Give it a try to experience the benefits.



jar deoderant jar nutressant

This is the original deodorant formula in a jar, and yes, you need to use your fingers to apply.   The first time you do that, you’ll realize how little you really need.

Organic ingredients mean that there’s no chemical residue to irritate sensitive skin.  You have a choice of a little clove bud and sweet orange essential oil or a LOT of lavender and jasmine.   Women are really loving this one.

4+  oz12.50

Ingredients:  Organic shea butter, Organic coconut oil, organic baking soda and arrowroot, Vitamin E,  pure clove bud and sweet orange essential, OR……pure lavender and jasmine essential oil.


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