Deodorant Sticks


Our deodorant sticks are effective and made with the highest quality organic ingredients to keep you feeling fresh all day long.

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These deodorant sticks contain the same organic active ingredients as the jar formula to keep you dry and sweet smelling. All these wonderful, organic ingredients are combined with candelilla wax, a plant wax, for an easy vegan application. You just need a couple swipes so don’t over apply.

As with all the deodorants, give it a couple minutes for the oils to absorb and you’re ready to dress and get on your way. And, yes, that pink label means lots of lavender and jasmine for a girlie scent.  Babassu oil means a non-greasy product.

original formula   12.50

flowers of spring formula   12.50

Ingredients:  Organic babassu oil, candelilla wax, organic baking soda and arrowroot powder, pure pine, tea tree,  and sweet orange essential oils, OR……pure lavender and jasmine essential oils


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