Foot Cream


Our foot cream is made with neem oil, an exceptional ingredient to cleanse and replenish tired and sore feet.





Boy! Our feet do take a lot of stress.  The most important ingredient is all the foot creams is NEEM TREE oil.  It is all things “anti”. . .

Anti-bacterial to destroy the growth of bacteria
Anti-fungal to inhibit the growth of fungi
Antiviral to fight the growth of viruses
Anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation and tenderness

Neem Tree oil is also analgesic and provides relief from pain. It will certainly protect your feet from all those little “creepy” things that want to grow there. It should be in every Foot Cream!

A nightly foot massage is a great routine to replenish tired and sore feet.  And you will love the consistency of this special salve.  Be sure to massage your cuticles when you’re finished.

2 oz:   14.00

Ingredients:  Beeswax, Organic avocado oil, Organic Neem oil, organic Babassu oil, pure tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils


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