Intensive Hand Care


Our intensive hand care balm is perfect for sore, cracked hands due to cold weather or hand washing.



The motivation for this balm was all those kids with sore cracked hands in the winter, but it quickly became a favorite for nurses and anyone constantly washing their hands during the day. 

It is now March, 2020, and I have added Neem Tree oil for the additional healing benefits.  We are all washing our hands a LOT more and Neem Tree oil is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.  Our hands need and deserve to be soothed throughout the day.

Infusing with Calendula adds extra healing along with  Organic Babassu* and pure essential oils specific for healing of the skin.  Be consistent and use nightly for an accumulative effect.  This tin is convenient to carry and use throughout the day to nourish our skin.  

2 oz tin  14.00

Ingredients:  Organic Olive oil oil infused with Calendula and marshmallow leaf,  Organic Babassu and Neem Tree oils, local beeswax,  pure sweet orange, lavender, ylangylang,  jasmine and patchouli essential oils

*Babassu oil is harvested from the Brazilian rain forests by the indigenous people. It is a palm plant, similar to a coconut but is used by the locals for healing minor cuts and scraps, a great choice for this non-greasy, healing balm.


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