Muscle Liniment


Pure menthol and camphor combine with organic olive oil for a soothing balm, perfect for muscle aches, bruises and chest congestion.



muscle liniment nutressant

I didn’t even know I needed this until a customer asked me to make it. I use it daily for either leg cramps, sore neck and shoulder muscles, on joints after a work-out for faster recovery, or all of the above.

At Nutressant, we have really learned to appreciate all of these unique ingredients. They reduce swelling, decrease pain and inflammation. Menthol crystals are anesthetic and cooling while Camphor also increases blood circulation.

Use for bruising, muscle aches, arthritis, sprains, leg cramps and healing after surgery. The Camphor is also great for decreasing congestion during a cold. Just rub on chest before bedtime and don’t worry about toxicity from other ingredients. This stuff is all good!

2 oz tin:   $14.00

Ingredients:  Organic Olive and castor oils,  beeswax, menthol crystals, camphor, hazel bark and arnica


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