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This stick is made with jewelweed, one of the most effective anti-itch remedies. Great for insect bites, poison ivy and more.

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If you’re not familiar with Jewelweed, it’s time!  This plant grows locally and is most recognized for it’s ability to treat poison ivy.  It’s also really effective on insect bites, including chiggers and spiders.  It actually pulls the toxins out of the pores. That’s why we put it in our Outside Itch. 

It is mostly available in a soap and used by making a lather and allowing it to sit on the affected area for 3-5 minutes.  This formula, in a beeswax base means you can be out-and-about and get immediate relief from itching.  Don’t go to the park without it and for sure, it should be in the pocket of every kid who goes to camp.  It’s also great for eczema and effective on the beginning of a pimple.  

It has become clear that itchiness is the result of more than bug bites.  I will continue to have this product throughout the year for ALL THINGS ITCHY!

small tube:8.50
large tube: 14.50

Ingredients:  Organic Babassu oil infused with jewelweed, beeswax, vitamin E, pure lavender and sweet orange essential oil

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